Live Sound Hire

Creating unforgettable audience experiences

Live Sound Hire

Creating unforgettable audience experiences

When it comes to live sound, it’s important to get everything right for the night. Here at Raptor Sound, we have years of experience in providing sound equipment for a range of different gigs and performances, including events big or small. We started our journey more than a decade ago, working with music venues across the city, and over the years, we have invested heavily into our stock of high quality pro audio equipment.

Today, our portfolio of live hire equipment is extensive and we hold only the top brands considered worthy by serious producers. That’s why you can expect crystal clear vocal clarity and the deepest bass from our sound systems. Our Nexo and L’Acoustics systems are suitable for intimate audiences up to thousands of people, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

L'Acoustics ARCs (WiFo) System

• Impeccable sound quality suitable for 200-3000 people
• Unrivalled by anything else on the market
• Can be scaled up or down for any size event (from one box per side to a full scale line array)
• Easy to deploy with multiple speaker box connection
• Can be flown or ground-stacked

Outdoor stage hire

• 7.3m x 6.0m stage
• Inflatable stage cover
• PA system and monitor speakers
• Various lighting options
• Perfect for Summer festivals!

Nexo PS10 Band PA System

• Suitable for audiences of up to 250 people
• A smart and compact system from a world leading brand
• Achieve high end stage sound for small events
• Comes with industry standard Shure/Sennheiser microphones

The Nexo PS10 sound system is operated with our Allen&Heath qu24 digital console (which houses full signal processing over 24 channels and can also record live shows). We also have a range of stage monitor solutions to suit your needs.

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